The Lambung Mangkurat University Postgraduate Program was given a mandate by the Rector to manage a multidisciplinary master and doctoral study program at Lambung Mangkurat University. There are currently 11 master study programs and 1 doctoral study program under the management of the Postgraduate Program, where two of them have been accredited A.

In the management of the postgraduate program, we have a motto “together in excellence” which continues to inspire that we want to create mutual excellence, both students, alumni, lecturers, institutions and all relevant stakeholders to carry out the vision of the university which we reduce to the vision of the graduate program, namely to become a Postgraduate. leader in wetland environment by 2027.

In realizing this vision, we continue to improve in developing all aspects. In the academic field, we continue to improve the quality of education with indicators of increasing the status of BAN-PT accreditation and also international accreditation, development of new study programs, accelerating student study periods, and also developing various online applications to support services. Currently, more than 15 online applications have been implemented in the Postgraduate Program.

Facilities and infrastructure are also continuously developed with high standards so that all the facilities needed by students have been able to be fulfilled by the postgraduate program including large-capacity halls, auditoriums, modern libraries, journal rooms, independent study rooms, and other facilities that are friendly to people with disabilities.

The ULM Postgraduate Program is supported by qualified human resources with more than 50 professors and 200 doctors as well as competent educational staff. Collaboration with various universities and institutions both government and non-government also greatly supports the academic process.

With all the available resources and potential, we are confident that we can realize the vision of the ULM postgraduate program as a leading postgraduate program, especially in the field of wetland environmental management which plays an important role in development during this very dynamic digital era.